We're connected to MEWS! Find out how to connect your PMS to Booking Expert

We're now connected to Mews! 

In this onboarding post and video we'll show you how to connect your PMS to our Channel Manager. 

Step 1: The first step would be to simply open your PMS account, click on the menu button and then click on "Marketplace". You will find us under "Distribution" or you can simply search for Booking Expert.

Step 2: Within the Booking Expert's settings you can import your "Channel Manager Rates" just by clicking on it. By default, probably all your rates will be automatically uploaded, but if there is one or more you wish not to sync, simply click on the "Channel Manager ID", uncheck the "Synchronised" box and save it.

Step 3: To upload your inventory, go to "Channel Manager Categories" and again by default, your room types/units will be automatically uploaded. Again, if you wish not to sync one or more of your rooms/units you can always uncheck the "Synchronised" box by clicking on the "Channel Manager ID" and save it.

Step 4: In order to add any products with their specific rates, go to "Channel Manager Product". Click the "+" button on the top right of your PMS and select your product (this can be "breakfast" or "romantic package", for example). Then you can add the "Channel ID" to the product selected and press on "Create". Go back to "Channel Manager Rates" and click on the rate you wish to edit. Once you're in the rate's settings, click on the top right the "+" button and choose the "Channel Manager Product" and click on "create it". You will find it at the bottom of your "Channel Manager Rate".

Step 5: To connect your PMS to BeSync Channel Manager just copy the “Channel manager ID” and send an e-mail to assistenza@bookingexpert.org to request a connection. The customer service will do everything and they will connect fast and safely Mews to Booking Expert. Thank you for the attention.


Thank you for the attention.