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+100% of direct bookings

"We appreciated Booking Expert for the flexibility of the platform, for the special attention focused on the customer and, last but not least, for the savings obtained (+100% of direct bookings compared to last year when we used the booking engine of the previous supplier)."

Antonio Zacchera
CEO - Zacchera Hotels Group

Very positive collaboration

Collaboration with Booking Expert is very positive. They offer excellent assistance in setup, respecting the scheduled times. They are always extremely available for graphic or technical customisation activities. The multiproperty version of the Booking Engine males cross-selling possible between hotels. BeDirect is a tool that offers the possibility to provide information clearly, as well as optimising the operational management of correspondence.

Giulia Francinelli
Director of Revenue & Reservation - LeFay Resorts

Reliability, professionalism, patience and problem-solving skills

We started working with Booking Expert a few years ago, after a disastrous experience with another Booking Engine provider. From the very beginning, we realised that its professionalism, friendliness and the desire to support us in our work was exactly what we were looking for. We currently work with them, with many of the products available: Booking Engine, Channel Manager, Guest Reservation Manager (Antonello is our angel) and we recommend Booking Expert for reliability, patience and problem-solving skills.

Alessia Peraro
Marketing & Jr. Sales Manager - La Romantica Ischia

Emilio Ramundo
Direttore commerciale – Buone Vacanze Hotels & Resorts

Luisa Padovan
CEO – Belvedere Village

Highly recommended

The online sale of our campsite has become profitable and stimulating since we began using the booking engine but above all BeDirect for estimate calculation. Sales have taken off and work at reception has become lean and serene. Interfacing with OTAs saves a lot of time in the management of price and availability. The platform is modern, clear, quick and very intuitive. Both the offer and the booking confirmation are customisable with respect to the guest profile and this undoubtedly increases the conversion rate.

Assistance is available, always prompt and precise, both by phone and by email. Highly recommended

Walter Facchini
CEO - Is Arenas Camping Village

With Booking Expert, we found some solutions

We stopped buying products and with Booking Expert we found some solutions. The online hotel booking process of a hotel has become an essential factor and every aspect must be attended to. With their tools, the Booking Engine, the Channel Manager and BeDirect manage to optimise the customer's acquisition costs.

David Berti
CEO - Europlan SPA

Obvious results in terms of conversion

I became aware of the Booking Expert products when I received one of their newsletters and the proposed solutions seemed immediately interesting to me. A year and a half later, I signed the contract for BE, CM and BeDirect and I must say that I am extremely satisfied. The tools are truly powerful and configurable in even the smallest detail and the results in terms of conversions are evident. As I have already actually done for several colleagues, I can totally recommend Booking Expert as a very valid partner.

Francesco Seresina
Titolare - Boutique Hotel Villa Sostaga e Hotel Tre Punte

Innovative functions

I use all the solutions of the Booking Expert Suite - Booking Engine, Channel Manager and BeDirect. In the past, I had a very high-level product but I chose to change and switch to Booking Expert, in order to have even more innovative functions, such as room change, BeDirect, very usable with an OTA-style model, the Booking Engine, simple to use and therefore with an important conversion and disintermediation rate.

Katia Foschi
Direttrice - Blu Suite Hotel

It has accelerated our work

The "Booking Engine" service offered by Booking Expert is really excellent. The booking system has accelerated our work, always bringing us the guarantee of bookings. Our customers have greatly appreciated the possibility of making direct bookings on our website. We also thank the technical support received on your part, always prompt and friendly.

Responsabile booking - Palace Hotel

Sales management has improved

Thanks to the Channel Manager, the management of online sales and bookings has improved considerably, thus allowing us to devote our time to other aspects of management as well. The professionalism of the Booking Expert Staff and their truly impeccable assistance service makes a difference.

Alessandro Strino
Responsabile Ricevimento - Hotel Cardano

More direct bookings

“We started a new collaboration with Booking Expert in 2017, when we purchased their Booking Engine, the Channel Manager and BeDirect. We immediately perceived, first-hand, the potential of their tools thanks to the ease of use of both the back office and also from the point of view of the end user and this led to a simple conclusion... More Direct bookings!

They also have a fantastic team, always ready to assist you with any problem and responsive in correcting any problem that arises. Congratulations!"

Fabrizio Risatti
Owner - Sunhotels Group

Solution attentive to the needs of a hotel chain

We chose Booking Expert after careful analysis of the booking engines available on the market because we were looking for a solid but at the same time dynamic, flexible and attentive solution to the needs of a hotel chain. After a year, since the beginning of the collaboration, we are very satisfied with the work carried out: direct production on our websites has practically doubled and we are confident that, with the expected developments, the results will improve further.

Marco Barlocco
On Line Distribution Specialist - Blu Hotels Spa

Ideal support for my daily work

About a year ago, we moved to the complete Booking Expert suite and we are very satisfied. Finally we can manage all the online and offline sales from a single booking centre, the back-office is flexible and there are various possibilities of interfacing with other systems (PMS, RMS, etc). Excellent assistance. In Booking Expert, I found the ideal support for my daily work.

Gianluca Lorenzet
Hotel Manager - Corte di Gabriela

Usability, performance, assistance: it's the best

I installed the booking engine in March 2018 and, after 6 months of work, I can say I made the right choice: after trying 3 more CRSs, I have to say that, in terms of usability, performance and assistance, this really is the best. The customer service is excellent: it is always present and above all it is proactive in accepting changes designed to customize the functions. Well done everyone!

Katia Foschi
Direttrice - Blu Suite Hotel

Speed up the management of estimates

Booking Expert software allows you to speed up the management of estimates and manage large volumes of bookings by offering a simple interface for the end user. We are positively impressed by how it has allowed us to drastically reduce the hours used in the management of booking requests via direct mail.

Titolare - CampingZoo

A complete, intuitive and functional tool

The Booking Engine is a precious complete, intuitive and absolutely functional tool. It has also been tried and tested with international customers, so far proving to be an excellent tool, with a significant increase in online bookings! The system's quality/price ratio is also excellent and totally in line with market trends in the sector!

Ivan D'Altorio
Manager - Victoria Hotel

Assistance always prompt and knowledgeable.

For 2 years now, we have been using the services offered by this company: they have helped us to achieve a significant improvement in the management and organisation of our Hotel. We chose this company because the cost and services ratio was the best, but above all, after some time, we can now say that we made the best choice. The thing we appreciate the most is the seriousness of the assistance that has always been prompt and knowledgeable when faced with any problem that has arisen to date.

Valerio Tullo
Hotel Derival

BeOtelia is unique and irreplaceable

Being able to check on the hotel from anywhere in the world thanks to the smartphone application functionality makes BeOtelia unique and irreplaceable. Online assistance always very friendly, professional and problem-solving.

Edmondo Milici
Hotel Arcobaleno

A truly excellent product

We can say that BeOtelia is a truly excellent product. In fact, it has positively revolutionized our way of working, allowing us to use a single tool to manage multiple aspects such as check-in and check-out, history of transactions, guest registry database and much more.

Alessandro Strino
Hotel Cardano

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