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BeChain, the Booking Engine for hotel groups and chains

Allow users to choose between your hotels by filtering by price range, services or by location thanks to the intuitive display on the map: BeChain is the booking system that allows you to give visibility to all your hotel facilities.

BeChain Booking Engine Portali e Catene
BeChain Booking Engine Portali e Catene

Simply powerful

BeChain features - like customisable and responsive design, search and booking speed,  B2B and B2C personal data centralised management, the possibility of creating offers and packages, Facebook Apps that allow users to book directly through the social network and profiling of payment methods - make it a powerful and advanced tool for hotel chains and hotel groups.

Enhance the value of every hotel

For each hotel in the group it is possible to have an information sheet with a description, list of services, photo gallery and map.

Filter by parameters

Set up and customise the search filters to let users choose a hotel by "Position" or "Price range", "Services" and much more.

Maximise conversions

In case there is no availability at the chosen hotel, the system will propose alternative solutions within the group, taking into account the parameters set by the user.

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Our clients

Blu Hotels
Blu Hotels
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TH Resorts
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Sun Hotels

Solution attentive to the needs of a hotel chain

We chose Booking Expert after careful analysis of the booking engines available on the market because we were looking for a solid but at the same time dynamic, flexible and attentive solution to the needs of a hotel chain. After a year, since the beginning of the collaboration, we are very satisfied with the work carried out: direct production on our websites has practically doubled and we are confident that, with the expected developments, the results will improve further.

Marco Barlocco
On Line Distribution Specialist - Blu Hotels Spa

More direct bookings

“We started a new collaboration with Booking Expert in 2017, when we purchased their Booking Engine, the Channel Manager and BeDirect. We immediately perceived, first-hand, the potential of their tools thanks to the ease of use of both the back office and also from the point of view of the end user and this led to a simple conclusion... More Direct bookings!

They also have a fantastic team, always ready to assist you with any problem and responsive in correcting any problem that arises. Congratulations!"

Fabrizio Risatti
Owner - Sunhotels Group

+100% of direct bookings

"We appreciated Booking Expert for the flexibility of the platform, for the special attention focused on the customer and, last but not least, for the savings obtained (+100% of direct bookings compared to last year when we used the booking engine of the previous supplier)."

Antonio Zacchera
CEO - Zacchera Hotels Group

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