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The intelligent Recovery Strategy Tool

With BeBack, you can show users pop-up messages within the Booking Engine, in order to reduce the rate of abandonment of the page and promote an increase in bookings.

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BeBack iPhone

Increase conversions, reduce abandonment rate

Our Recovery Strategy Tool promotes an increase in bookings on the Booking Engine: depending on the conditions set up, it is possible to show the user pop-up messages that discourage them from leaving the website.

Choose when to show the message

The pop-ups can be shown whenever you want. For example, in case of "inactivity", you can decide how many seconds should go by before the message appears on the screen.

Apply your strategies

Create discount codes to facilitate the conversion of indecisive users, send a reminder email, remind them of the shopping cart: with BeBack you can apply your marketing strategies to maximise the conversion rate.

Customise each message

BeBack does not limit your communication and sales strategies: with the Recovery Strategy Tool you can customise each step of the pop-up messages.

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