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Channel Manager

What you can do with BeSync

With our powerful Channel Manager you can manage all the booking portals that sell your rooms easily, quickly and automatically. The interface is simple and intuitive and, at each change in prices or restrictions on the Channel Manager, BeSync will automatically notify the changes to all the associated distribution channels. The "2-way alignment" feature updates the availability of the rooms on the configured sales channels.


Prices, bookings and restrictions

With BeSync, you can view bookings and update rates, availability and restrictions of all the portals that sell your rooms.

Price lists

With BeSync, you create and quickly apply the price lists for convenient management of the revenue strategy.


BeSync allows you to configure availability alignment preferences for each single channel and to close rooms and/or price plans on all portals.


Set the minimum and maximum limits of each parameter for each type of room. Alert messages will avoid possible typing errors.


BeSync performs a double check on all changes and records the operations and accesses to the system with an easily available history.

Optimise sales

Variations in availability and prices

With BeSync, you can apply variations, both increases and reductions, in availability and price, for a desired period, with a fixed value or a %.

Rules and variables

BeSync allows you to set rules and variables (also by period) for the automatic calculation of availability and prices with variations in reductions or supplements in € or in %.


BeSync constantly checks the accuracy of the rates and availabilities set up.

Goodbye Overbooking

BeSync automatically eliminates possible errors in repetitive updates. A perfect solution for always respecting the parity rate on all portals.


Maximum security in every data exchange

The exchange of information between BeSync and the portals/distribution channels takes place through XML interfaces via HTTPS protocol to PCI-DSS certified servers. Visualisation is encrypted with a 256-bit SSL certificate capable of guaranteeing the protection of customers' sensitive data.

Importing data

With BeSync, you can copy all data from one portal to another without re-entering it and you can also import data from Google Docs, Microsoft Excel files and Calc OpenOffice.


On BeSync, you have advanced statistics that show you the trend of global sales, by channel, room, price, type of accommodation and occupancy.


BeSync is in the Cloud: the system does not require any installation and it is accessible from any PC or Smartphone connected to the Internet.

PMS connection

BeSync is interfaced with all the main PMS: in this way, everything will be automatically updated by your room management.

RMS connection

BeSync can be connected to all major Revenue Management Systems: your sales rate strategy and prices will be automatically updated by your RMS.

Get the most from your BeSync

Customise the Channel Manager with the optional tools and optimise the management of your online sales. Contact us to study the solution that best suits your hotel with us.

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